We've been jamming around for a little over a year now with me on guitar, and the originals are beginning to take on a funkier tone. We're in desperate need of a singer, as I'm sure you can all tell, everyone that has wanted to do it has fallen through. Well, feedback is appreciated guys, thanks.
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I'll only listen to a few because I have places to go... yeah.

5th Times a Curse - Great guitar part. I have absolutely no complaints. However, as you mentioned in your post, the singer could do with a good... well, something to make him a better singer. Just got to the solo... amazing. Drum part is great, but I can't hear the bass very often.

Forward In Reverse - Did I mention that the guitarist was good? Yeah. Though this time, I think the vocals kind of went with it. A bit. You did very, very well for such an overused and simple chord structure (as I heard it... I might be wrong).

Cry - Keep soloing, I could listen to this all day. Excellent, but for the vocals, which are mediocre.

Overall, your vocalist sounds like the guy in Steppenwolf, only worse at singing. The guitarist is amazing, and the drummer and bassist are really good too, as far as I can tell.
Diggin the tunes man. The music is great. You're about about needing to find a new singer. The vocals are very mediocre. I might think about adding a rhythm guitarist also, just to add a bit of depth.
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