So, I play in a metal band and we had problems with our guitarist who we have now gotten rid of to get rid of the drama. Now, he was the lead guitarist, so here is the question.. I am going to have to take over for my other guitarists parts and make them stand out in the mix.... I have a half stack made for a guitar the question is if I took the actual cab from the half stack and hooked it up with my 15" bass amp will that work out fine or will the bass be too much for it even with the 15 to kind of take the extreme lows out...

Help me out.

^ isn't that the reason a guitar amp is un-suitable for bass? other than the amp focusing on different frequencies
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What's the wattage of the amp with the 15"? Could get buy with that until you get more power.
It's still unsafe because the 15" isn't taking out any lows. The head is sending a full range signal to both cabs, meaning t he guitar cab is still getting all the lows. If you put in a crossover it could work, but that might be more trouble than it's worth, especially if the 15" combo has enough watts to get by.