the closest i can get by ear is where it sounds like **** when you try and tune between 4th and 5th frets and tune from ther.

its definately not perfect
use a tuner and use the notes from low to high Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
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its one fret and not half a fret? i thought a fret was a step and half was a half :S

my teacher sucks
nope, two frets is a whole step one fret is a half step
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Get an electronic tuner, plug guitar into it, and tune strings down a half step. If you don't have a tuner...fret your 4th fret on your B string...then tune your high and low E strings to that note...and you'll have an Eb...then use that to tune the rest of your strings by holding the lowest string down on the 5th fret and tune your A string to that note, then continue doing that with the rest of the strings (use A string on 5th fret to tune D string...ect.) only on G string fret it on the 4th fret to tune the B string...and that's your half step down tuning. Enjoy.
Thanks CC.
its very unfortunate...that i had to learn this way. a year after
i lufflez you devillle!
THANKS to all who answerd to this question, I tried tuning down by holding down the first fret down and tuning that way, in theory all open strings should 1/2 step flat but it didnt work out............
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Have you got an electronic tuner?

yes i have a tuner it's only a cheap'o......
To tune down half a step I put a capo on the first fret and tune to standard, take off the capo and there you go half a step down.
do you know the 555545 rule for standard tuning?
if so, just make it the 444434 rule for down half step

Please read the only tuning thread sticky at the top of this forum

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