im currently doing up my old (and crap) encore and need to know the best way to cut away at the body to make it look cool.
i was using a hacksaw but its taking too long
is there a quicker way?
bandsaw if you've got one, if not, you're stuck doing it the hard way.
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Quote by -MintSauce-

What the hell are you doing with a guitar and hacksaw in the same room?! Use a rasp set, and a router.

More importantly, what are you trying to do, specifically?

im basically squaring it off because its looks like a strat and i want it to be more like a warlock
Use C4

are you going to refinish the guitar?

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iv sanded it down already and iv got paint to go over it when the bodywork is done
Hacksaws are for metal and use really fine teeth on the blade. Pretty much worthless to cut wood with. You need a different saw.
MintSauce said it best. You can use a bandsaw to cut rough shapes, but to do smooth work a router is the way to go.
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