Okay, just got back from band practice and a little pissed that our bassist is fucking around, he came unprepaired and it's just not financially viable for us... I mean, ££ just to teach a guy our tunes when he can easily learn them at home and come to studio prepaired.

We're not in any hurry or despiration for a bassist, after all he may get his **** together.

So if you're professional about your music, and would like to try out for our band, then by all means contact me or a friend at our band space.

Music style is Death Metal/bit of Black metal/metal/progressive.
We would like a bassist who can write riffs sometimes contrary to the guitar work, add some groove to the slower/cleaner parts etc..



Okay, situation is, we now have a perminant opening for a talented bassist, do reply if you're interested!

Our music approach is really relaxed, we don't have so much as set rules, more of, we play what we enjoy the sound of, rather then what we think people would like.

We're a complete band, minus a bassist and vocalist, gigs will shortly follow!
We have almost 5 songs done, enough for a demo and release.

-Paul, Gaijin.
im interested in the prog rock/metal stuff but live in Devon
to far
in sept im moving to Guildford

probably be up for doing something then?