Hello people. I own an Ibanez 405QM, which has a thing called Neutrik Jack.

Incase you are wondering what it is, Neutrik locks the cable in so that, in theory, you never step on a cable and unplug your bass during a gig.

So this thing locks the cable tightly and doesn't come out unless you press on this orange lever and yank the cable out. I believe this feature is offered in quite a few Ibanez bass models and also TRB models from Yamaha.

However, this feature proved to be utter crap for me, after 3 years of owning this bass. The jack inside seems to oxidize very easily, so it makes noise. And it ruins my cables, because even when the lever is pressed, the cable is half-locked in the bass. Therefore I end up putting pressure on the connection parts in the jack and the cable.

I was wondering if any of you have the same problem as me, with the neutrik jack?

Are there any remedies to this (other than switching to a normal jack, which I'm considering)?

If you're having difficulty getting the lead out, then something is wrong with it. The Neutrik jacks I've used haven't been difficult to get out once they're unlocked.
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you could put a normal jack on it, and run your cable through your strap like everybody else.
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