I recently began learning how to play the guitar. I'm teaching myself so that I can learn at my own pace. What I'm having trouble with right now is alternating between chords. I know the finger positioning but when it comes time to switch to another chord, I seem to draw a blank for 3 seconds until I remember the finger positioning. Anyone know any way to help remember them on the spot or should I just keep practicing?
keep moving between chords slowly and there is such thing as finger memory..which means all of a sudden your fingers will know automatically where to go.
If the problem is mental just work on memory. Engrain the positions into your hand until you can switch between all of them quickly. I'm assuming you're talking about open chords so it won't be too tough.
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keep moving between chords slowly and there is such thing as finger memory..which means all of a sudden your fingers will know automatically where to go.

your problem is one that EVERY guitarist gets at first, just keep practising slowly. I found that playing Back In Black with full open chords (E major, D major, A major) was a really good starting point, just getting the strumming right at a really slow speed until I could do it faster.
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Yeah, mostly the major chords. I haven't gotten into the minors or barre chords yet. I've messed around with them today, but I want to make sure I'm 100% comfortable switching between all the major chords. Thanks for the advice.
Make sure you don't switch the places of your fingers one by one; you want to move them all at once.
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The best way is to make it into a game. Pick two chords that are most challenging or slowest to you and alternate between them for a full minute (time this) and write down how many you got. Do this every day and track your progress. Initially you might get only a few switches per minute but after a few days you should be pretty fast.
hmm, while your learning them you should learn to switch between different inversions of the triad in the chord (hopefully you know sum theory) in other words, learn all the major chord positions (all the ones that really matter) and then minor. once you got that down switch and goof around with them a bunch and all that stuff then once you feel REALLY confident with that just go in to suspended chords and seventh chords. there are 9 different seventh chords so this one could be a trick. it helps an awful lot if you know your theory in how chords are built, progressions, scales, and cadences. trst me. just take a go thru with the lessons on musictheory.net. that site is amazingly helpful. same with the ultimate guitar column "the crusade". trst me you wont regret it
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