So I'm going to get a new electric guitar and I need some advice. I've been researching lots of guitars for a while and narrowed the selection down to a few, and recently i went to guitar center to try out a couple. I still however am unsure about a few things... here are the basics first:

Right now i have a Fender Starcaster and a Frontman 15R amp. I got them really cheap and am ready to move on to a new guitar. I'm going to keep the amp for now, but eventually upgrade.

My budget is about $600 or 700, but thats high, I'd rather go for something cheaper. I've been looking at the Epiphone Les Paul and the Squier Jagmaster. I really like the short-scale and feel of the Jagmaster. But I really like the Les Paul as well, it feels good (although I am worried about how heavy it is). Any thoughts on these two? I'm not limited to these choices, so if you have more suggestions I would love to hear them!

I like to play rock, I love grunge and am looking for a good grunge sound, and just rock in general. Basically I care more about a grungy nirvana/pearl jam sound than a classic rock Led Zeppelin sound.

Thanks! (Sorry if I didn't follow correct posting rules, this is my first post)
Well the Les Paul would be pretty much your best bet for grunge and classic rock, it's quite a versatile guitar

If you like the Les Paul enough, I'd go for that one over the Squier. Although, if you're expecting your new guitar to upgrade your sound alot, you'll be dissapointed. You're amp will make up most of your tone, no matter what guitar you have, so keep that in mind.

go for the les paul it is great value

+ the weight of the epiphone les paul really isnt bad at all compared to a gibson
ur not gonna get any of those sounds u want with that amp... so just buy a new amp. dont do wut i did. i bought an rg350dx and used a damn first act amp which sounded like complete Shi+
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The Les Paul can pretty much play every genre of guitar-using music, so I would go for it.

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Hey man are you dead set on humbuckers?, Fender makes some great choices in the 600-700 dollar range. If you really like the Short scale of the Squier Jagmaster, why not shoot for a Fender '65 Mustang Reissue, however it does cost 700 dollars. If you want humbuckers and the Jazzmaster body style you could try out a Fender Jaguar HH, it's got two humbuckers and no tremolo, and cost about 640 dollars. Also check out the Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe, It's got two Fender widerange type humbuckers and 4 control knobs. And Finally I like the Epiphone Les Paul , but I think you should try out some guitars in the higher price range before you make your final decision. Go to a music shop and try out the guitars that interest you even if they are out of your range, it may be worth saving up more for. =)
Hope This helps!
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Well, if you're doing Pearl Jam/Nirvana, I would get the Jagmaster or as SkaJon says the Fender. One of the guitarists in Peral Jam use Fenders with single coils, and so does Kurt Cobain.

So one of those two.
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Just a few months ago, I was in the same situation as you. I was willing to spend about $600 for a guitar, and I ended buying a Gibson Vintage Mahogany Les Paul. I preferred the tone over the Epiphones, and you can get them used at most for GC's for about 500-600 dollars. The Burstbucker pro pickups are perfect for rock.
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The Mustangs really are the guitar that I dream of, although they are a little pricey. I might do what SkaJon said and just save up for it. I see the general consensus is the Les Paul. But now you've all got me thinking about an amp, and i wonder if thats what I should get instead...

Thanks so much for all the advice so far!!!
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seriously? Is that a good amp?

Yep, better than the Frontman.
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