I already own a Dimebucker and I love the clarity it gives me.
I don't want to put them in my SG because they look Tacky.

1. I Need A Humbucker That Sounds Like The Dimebucker

2. I Need It To Look More Traditional.

3. It Can't Be Active

4.I'm Not Looking For Distortion, Just Clarity.

5.If You Could Recomend a Set That Would Be Great

I play for a band that mixes Tera Melos style music with The Dillinger Escape Plan Brutalness.
My signal chain is
Guyatone Analog Delay
Modded RP-80 (AKA Thing One)
Fender MH-500
Marshall Lead 1960 Slant

Any help would be GREEEEATTT!
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"That is so beast"

Beast is not a ****ing adjective.

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Why the hell would you want a pickup to sound like a Dimebucker?

It had to be said.
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Too bad the Dimebucker is a twin blade humbucker!

Also, I must agree... WHY would you want another pickup that sounds like complete ****?


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maybe the TS likes the way his dimebuckers sound?? ever think of that?

look through Seymour Duncans site, and look through the high output pups, and research
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Quote by i_am_metalhead
Too bad the Dimebucker is a twin blade humbucker!

Does that mean you can't put covers over em?
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get covers for them
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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the Dimebucker is the copy. i don't think they make copies of copies.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
how about this.
A good neck PU to go with a dimebucker.
And I don't want to here stupid **** like
"Dimebucker Sucks" or something.
For balls out riffing with these wanker who turn the gain up all the way the dimebucker sucks.
But for me I love the clarity.
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"That is so beast"

Beast is not a ****ing adjective.

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You have a fender metalhead. End of thread.
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Why the hell would you want a pickup to sound like a Dimebucker?

It had to be said.

So true, my friend.
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If you want clarity then get a Dimarzio Evolution.
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You have a fender metalhead. End of thread.


and ouch.........
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You have no experience with racks??? What kind of guy are you?
why are you being such assholes to this guy,

he asked for a clear sounding traditional style pickup.

make a recomendation rather than abuse.

id recomend, you look into some dimarzio d-activators.
+1 to Evolutions. Duncan Customs would be great as well as Full Shred.
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if you want the sound of a dime bucker in a traditional humbucker "look"...you might have to get something custom made...or put covers over both of your pickups if you have open humbuckers,.....try contacting bill lawrence pick ups...(NOT BILL LAWRENCE USA,...2 DIFFERENT COMPANIES...THE "USA" VERSION IS OWNED BUY A POLISH DUDE...WHO HAS HAD SOME VERY BAD PRODUCTS)

what do you have for an sg?..(pick ups chrome,..black?)

i just sold an original bill lawrence xl500...(i have had it for over 20 yEARS)

I also have an sg,...i have tried the evo..and i couldnt get it off my guitar fast enough,..but then again i dont like a harsh/trebley tone...(but i guess thats kind of dimes tone isnt it?)you might like it...??

i usualy preach "try before ya buy"...but with pick ups its almost impossible...even if theres a guitar at the music store with the pick up you want to try...chances arent good that its the exact guitar as yours.

good luck