i am selling a squier affinity strat,straplocks, crate 15w amp,case, and a rogue distortion pedal to a kid that lives across the street, i told him it would probably be around $130. is that a fair price? if not what should i charge more or less?
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Well, it would be around that, but if you can haggle so you get more, then what's there to lose?
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i would pay no more then 150 for that (im not making you an offer lol ;P)

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

See how high he's willing to go, and take advantage of him.
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Well I'm selling a 15 watt crappy amp, a Crafter Cruiser guitar, which is a decent starting guitar, for $150.....so IMO that kid is getting a good deal. (Or the kid I'm selling my gear to is getting a bad one )
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I wouldn't charge too much to purposely **** him over, though. Unless you don't believe in karma, than do whatever lol But I think $130 is fair.
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