Hey guys, im thinking of stepping down from my jcm to a 30watt tube for university, and the two that im looking at are a peavey classic 30, or fender hot rod delux, i got to try out the peavey, i dont really understand how the pre/post gain stuff works, (if anyone can clear that up that would be helpful) and the hot rod i havent tried in a while, but i remember it had very crisp cleans..... any suggestions which would work better with my pedals for tones like rage against the machine, GnR, Velvet revolver, QOTSA, stuff like that to RHCP... any suggestions?

I honestly think a DSL-401 is a better choice, considering the tones you want to get. It might be 10 watts more, but that'll be only a fraction louder.
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I own the Classic 30 and I HIGHLY recommend it. I play GnR, Velvet Revolver, and a bunch of other rock bands. I do not know exactly the difference between the pre and post gain, but the pre gain knob basically acts as a volume knob for the overdrive channel while the post gain knob basically controls how much gain. Hopefully that cleared that up.
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^its the other way around.
the Post controls the overdrive, witch is like a volume knob, and the pre knob controls the gain or distortion.
I say the Classic 30 is the better choice, the fender is just a one trick pony and not that great compared to its bigger more expensive brother the twin. the OD on the fender sucks and the cleans are something you could get on alot of other tube amps like a palomino.
the 30 has great cleans and a great overdirve so i say you get that instead.
The fender might be bigger but the classic 30 is the better choice and with 30 watts of tube power you wont be disapointed that your missing an extra 10 watts from the fender.
i say the marshall is way overpriced and if you want something like a dsl or TSL dont bother, get a B-52 or a bugera.
the marshalls only cost that much cause it says marshall on there, there not worth there moneys worth is all im saying and you could get an amp thats just as good or better for the same moeny.
You're right in Canada, why not a Traynor YCV 50 Blue? Great Marshall sound.
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^ I got to try a used YCV50 blue in a GC a couple times and it did cleans just as good as my Classic 50 but had slightly better gain.

Very nice amp and just as good as the two your looking to buy.
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