I run my Schecter Hellraiser into a Peavey Valveking tube amp. This has worked very well for me up until now. I have a chance to play some live shows but I feel my setup is not quite gig capable. I do not have access to different sounds and volumes (boosts for solos, etc) without adjusting my amp. Not good in a live situation. I suppose what I am looking for is a pedal that I can save presets on and cycle through, but without a lot of the digital sound corrupting my own. Any ideas?
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My VK has a solo boost button. Don't you have the footswitch for it? I find that the footswitch gives me access to three different sounds that are all I need for performing. What kind of sounds are you looking for? If you want effects, get a pedal. If you want different distortions, you need an amp with more than two channels.
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No, I dont have the foot switch for it. I suppose Im looking for effects. A clean sound with chorus, distortion, etc, and be able to switch between these sounds quickly and easily. Can't I create different distortions (fuzz, thrash, lead) with a pedal? I have a metal zone I use to switch between a clean/heavy but Id like a board that did it all so I could set volume presets and the like.
You sir are in need of a TC Electronic Nova System.
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Thats amazing! Analog effects with digital parameters?! GENIUS!

But pricey... Im going to assume there are no less expensive alternatives?