so a friend let me borrow his guitar (epiphone special model, special II) for a while to see how i'd like it. its not that bad except for the fact that whenever i'm playing higher than the 12th fret and i try a bend that is more than a 1/2 step it pretty much mutes the string. does anyone have any idea why this happens. i have other guitars and this sort of thing doesn't occur with them.
Yeah this happens to my Epiphone SG bass, I think its cause the actions too low, but I ultimately don't know.

P.s When I went to write "ultimately" there, my fingers wanted to type in ultimate-guitar instead.

pp.s Nearly did it again.
It's because the action is too low/the guitar isn't set up properly. Adjust the height of the bridge and you should be fine.

It doesn't happen to my Special II, which I like better than my Strat for some reason.
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