So, I am at my friends house and his sister needs her truss rod adjusted on her no name guitar. (Seriously, nothing is written on the headstock and the box it came in just says "guitar")

This really isn't a big task for me so I sat down and tried to fix it.

I turned it all the way to the left and all the way to the right and to the right and it didn't make a different in the bow of the neck either way.

It isnt broken but it sure isnt doing anything.

Any ideas on how to get rid of the fret buzz or figure out what is wrong with the neck?

Any help is appricated.
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No, little turns. Don't turn it all the way at once or it'll break. It takes a while for the wood to adjust to the turns. Having fret buzz (which could be other problems as well), means you most likely need more relief aka turn the rod counter clockwise while looking from neck to body. Turn it little by little. About 1/4 at a time. No more. Especially when tightening it. As for loosening it though like you probably need to do, there is less danger. Still don't go too fast though or else you mind let it bend too far.