First post,first song,etcetera. Nice to meet you all.

Notes about this:

I don't really know if this song fits into the genres in the title,but it's my closest guess. If you think it fits more into another category,tell me.

I'm not a solo man. I'm more of a riffer. So,the solo was a bit rushed,but I guess it got through nice enough.

And last,I want some constructive critics,if it's not much to ask for.

Thanks in advance,

Carpe Noctem.zip
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Quote by ch715dallat
not really progressive tbh and what was with the hundred odd empty bars at the end

My bad,I don't know how to erase them... xD
Ok,the empty bars are gone now...thanks. xD (re-uploaded the file)
mmm. nothing special. not enough contrast between verse, breakdown, chorus riffs.
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Not to be harsh, but most of it was boring. The chorus was alright, but it's not very original. I would work on the drums if you want it to be more exciting, especially in the beginning. The solo was good to begin with, but then it just ended. Overall, this needs work. I would definitely try to work on finding some good drum fills. As far as the guitar goes, its ok. I would work on getting more technical on the riffs and such, bends, hammer-ons, ect.

Good Luck.

Crit mine? Its at the top of this sub-forum.
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