Hey everyone; I have another question related to bass amps - it might be kinda nooby, but I'm new to the whole amp-buying thing .
I just ordered an Ashdown MAG 600H Head, and I'm planning to buy an Ashdown MAG 410T Cabinet. However, the Head has an Output of 575 watts RMS, and the Cabinet has 450 watts of continuous power handling...I was reading the FAQ, and it says to be sure if your head & cab don't match, make sure your cab has higher wattage than your amp.
Will my amp blow the cabinet? The cabinet has an impedance of 8 ohms and the amp 4 ohms, so does that mean the cab will run at only about half of the amp's power? Or will I just have to keep the volume really low? I'm planning to add a 1x15 sometime in the future to round out my tone, and I'm guessing when I do that I won't have to worry about blowing anything; but what about with a single 4x10 cabinet?

Edit: sort of off-topic, but how well will the 4x10 cab handle a low-B string (I play a 5-er)? Its frequency response goes down to 60Hz. The head's frequency response goes down to 17Hz; but does that make any difference when paired with that cabinet?

Thanks in advance guys.
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At 8 ohms, your head will only be putting out around half of its full 4 ohm wattage, so you aren't in any danger of damaging your cab.
You're safe, the MAG600 puts out 575W @ 4ohm, and I think around 300W @ 8ohm. And a 410 will be fine when using a 5 string.