Ok...I just came into the possession of a 1940's Gibson acoustic. I'm not sure of the model, there's only a partial serial because the serial is engraved on the headstock and it's worn away with time. Anyway...it's in excellent condition for its age, with only a few very, VERY minor scratches. Also, everything on the guitar is original, except for - of course - the strings. Our local guitar dealer is doing some research for me (he's the one that identified it as a Gibson...the serial is enough to confirm that, but not the guitar model), but I'd like some opinions on how much you think this is worth. I doubt I'll sell it, but I'm curious.
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No idea on the worthiness of it, but I'm sure we'd all love to see some pictures.
I'll put some pics up later tonight when I get back to my house. Don't have a cam with me at the moment
R.I.P. Turner Blaine
1940? It's worth Alot. Just Alot.
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