Is it normal not to play along with a metronome well at first playing with one? Sometimes I drift away from the beat, and sometimes I have a hard time finding my way back to the beat. How long does it take to be able to play with a metronome at a comfortable level?
Slightly off topic, but when I tap my feet along to a metronome, after about a half hour my feet feel all tingly and tickly (Im serious, so dont flame me. ) Does this happen to anyone else?
it was sorta natural for me, i've never played with a metronome and i can find the beat just fine so i can't help you with that one.
Just practice slow with a metronome, try extra hard to stay on beat.

Try finding a key to some of your favorite songs so you can improvise over them. If you're feeling the mood of a song, you might be more inclined to stay in beat than with a steady click-click of the metronome.

I've never had to play with a metronome i just had the ability. my friend however had to practice, and he's gotten much better. just keep at it.