okay here is the deal, my band, has a temporary singer, he speaks english, has no accent, and most important of all he can sing in english, the thing is that his english isn't SO good, that he can write decent lyrocs, so the band asked me to write the lyrics (i play lead guitar btw), I use different techniques, Sometimes i come up with a line, and then find different things that ryhme, I go for walks, lie in grass, all kinds of stuff that get me inspired, the thing is, i have this song that has it's very own emotion, i tried writing lyrics, the song is Iron Maidenish, and the lyrics seem to be so aswell, i would like some advice on writing lyrics (they don't have to be REALLY meaningfull) and i would like you to help me by giving me example, by using the chorus of this song i told you about:

Is this right what I'm doing here
I don't wanna make mistakes my dear
If i do the wrong thing this will end in tears
And everything will fall apart

Sometimes when the night draws near
I sit around not thinking clear
Because i am stunned with fear
I hope nothing else will go wrong

the song has 3 sets of verses, i just can't find a way to write the verse

any help would be mch apreciated and sorry if I seem unclear, it's late here and I'm tired.
This is about a certian event so try and tell the event like a story.
I'm guessing this is about somthing that happend in a relationship so go with the event of the problem.


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