Hey UG!
I'm just wondering if it is possible to wire in an effects loop to an amp head that doesnt currently have one? (More specificly Orange rocker 30 H).
It's not really a big problem as i usualy only use wah, delay and the odd bit of chorus (which i prefere before the amp head anyway), i was just curious to see if theis was possible.
Any feedback is helpful.
I wasn't planning on messing with that stuff, more to the point if i did i would probaly end up charred and with a severe case of death.
I would take it to a professional but i was checking that it was possible =)
it IS possible! Easy? hell no. and check this site for schems, or google.com


EDIT: assuming your amp can handle it, and tube.
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So how is it not easy? I thought it was inserting jacks and a buffer between the preamp and power amp. Apparently not.

I'd like to know how it's done, as I want one for my amp.