What would you guys say is the easiest way to make money. If there are no easy ways tell me anyways cause i wanna buy me some stuff. You cant say get a job though, im 13.
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Why do Verizon workers show up to work drunk all the time?
Cus they have more bars in more places lolololol
u cant.
lol, mowing grass would prob. be easiest.

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You cant say get a job though, im 13.

No one would ever suspect a 13-year-old of smuggling contraband.

Joking aside ... be a paperboy.
Start your own backstreet adoption agencies using ungaurded babies in nearby hospitals
Wash cars. Your neighbours will hate you when you bug them asking to wash their cars, but they will probably let you.
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Don't be 13.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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dude, join a band and play a few local gigs, like B-day parties and weddings and that kind of stuff. you could easily make $400 a gig, thats what I do.
You can make a fortune in the underground e-mail child porn buisness. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam!!
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Don't be 13.

That picture will haunt my dreams forever
You can't sell drugs because he has no money to begin with in order to buy a mass amount of drugs at discount to sell at an inflated price.

Prostitution is the easiest way to make fast money depending on your morals.

I used to work for an escort as a driver so I've been around that business before. There is a market for 13 year old boys sadly.