Hey everyone, what Electric Guitar Strings would you recomend for Drop C Tuning (CGCFAd)

The guy at the Guitar Center recomended DR Strings Tite-Fit Heavy Electric Guitar Strings

-Gauges 11-14-18-28-38-50

I haven't been able to get my guitar adjusted yet to put it in Drop C since I want to get new pickups before I do, but would you guys recomend these strings for Drop C? If not what is a better choice?

Thank you.
Yeah any .011s are fine, .010s would be fine too for drop C.
Okay, just making sure. Do you know if DR is a good string brand? - I have never used them before i usually use Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, or GHS Boomers. So I'm not sure how good these are...
I'm using .11's for C# standard, and they work pretty well. They'd be good for C. I find .10's to be good for drop D or something, it gets a little muddy with C.

EDIT: DR tite-fit pwn all. I've been using them (almost) exclusively for almost 3 years now.
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I use DRs for all my guitars, they are my favorite brand. They are cheap, made in the US, and last a long time.
Im using 9 guage even though i know i shouldnt be, but its because i only have one guitar and i prefer it in standard
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10's or 11's should work.
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I use DR 10s on my Drop C guitar.
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