Okay, so I've had my amp in the shop for 3 weeks now. I just bought it new about a month ago. It's a Peavey ValveKing 212 (VK212). It's an all tube amp and yes I let the tubes warm up before playing, volumes are fine on guitar and amp and I let the amp cooldown before I completely turn it off each time. It worked for the first 2 weeks then when I went to play it one day the lead channel wouldn't work right. The clean came out crystal clear as normal, but the lead would make a barely audible sound. I even turned the amp up to 8 or so which I would never do on a normal basis. I took it to the shop and it's being worked on... luckily they gave me another VK212 to play with while mine's being fixed. I'm just curious of what the problem could be.
hm, it may be a dead preamp tube.
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hm, it may be a dead preamp tube.

That's what I thought too.
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it's within warranty. take it back. even if it is only a preamp tube. if you try to fix it, and it's something much more serious, you could find you've voided your warranty. EDIT: in which case you're ****ed, obviously.
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same thing happened to me with the classic 30. turned out it was just a preamp tube. hopefully it's the same thing with your amp.
yeah.. that's what I'm hoping. It's been in the shop for weeks now though.. seems like a quick job to take care of. Either they have a long waiting list, or it's something else more serious and my amp is taken half apart on a workbench right now. who knows-- they don't tell me anything.