Im trying to use a Line 6 Toneport UX2 in Ableton Live 6

I followed all the steps for setting up audio

Driver: ASIO
Audio Device: ASIO Toneport UX2

I can record fine using this setup, no latency etc
Although now the click track or audio playback is silent, it is playing but nothing is coming through the speakers

Using MME/Direct X this problem is not here although there is horrible latency etc

Can anyone tell me how i can playback through ASIO? I cant find an 'Audio Output device' or anything...

Thanks in advance!
Is the audio coming out of the toneport? Try plugging headphones into it and see if you can hear it through there. That's how my mbox is, it may be the same with your thing.
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Yeah, pretty sure its just a driver problem

Toneport works fine with the MME/Direct X driver set, it just has huge latency.
I just cant get playback through an ASIO driver...

Thanks anyway though!