Im going to be doing a huge show and im getting payed a lot of money,and i want to drop it all on a amp head, i already have a mesa boogie triple rectafier full stack. But since i live in Canada our amp choices arent large, So these are the 3 amps im looking into, THe first is the Framus Cobra or Dragon heads, The second being the Hughes and Kettner MKll and the last amp is the Diezel vh4. So what do you guys think is the best amp out of those 3, and i play in metalcore bands but i do a lot of instrumental stuff on the side.
you should try the harmony central amps forums..... you'll find quite a few guys with plenty of experience with those amps in there.

I sound like an ass (and actually I am) but it seems like every second thread here is about an MG.
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Personally I love the H&K. I've heard pretty good things about the Diezel, and not much about the Framus. But I think the Kettner will compliment your recto really well.
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I' m not a big fan of anything framus.

You definitely will not go wrong with the diezel or H&K
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For your tastes I would say go with the Deizel...

But if I was in the situation I would definitely get a Framus... you really can't beat them!
No you gotta title the thread like this.... "Framus Cobra/Dragon Vs. HK MKII vs. VH4???"