hey i had just got a Ibanez350DX a few months ago. The guitar is mainly for metal, but now, im listening more and playing more rock. I found a nice used Fender MIM strat for 300$ Do you think its a good price and a good idea to switch?
I'd say go for it.

I have a RG370DX which is basically the same model without the pickguard. I got a Squier strat and I find myself often preferring the Squier over the Ibanez.

$300 for a MIM strat is a great deal too.
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is it a single coil or HSS, i heard that strats are routed for Humbuckers these days so id get teh strat and put a Seymour duncan JB or Gibson 498t in the bridge so you can do both
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Man considering you said you play classic rock now, I would jump on that deal! Strats are great for classic rock.
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I just got my Strat & then had it in the shop getting upgraded so I'm all into it right now.
My Ibanez I love is now going to be my personal guitar to try my hand at upgrading. Someone already did some nice stuff to her so I can't ever dump her,she has a sexy green maple body
They both are HSS & both have a DiMarzio HB so they are just as versitile as each other.
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