Some of you may remember an old thread of mine titled "Fun Things To Do Online." Well, given that I've been frequenting the same three websites for months now and my old thread has vanished into thin air, I think it's time for a resurrection of the aforementioned thread, not just because I'm bored but also because everyone likes finding new, entertaining things on the internet that they can enjoy without having to clear the history afterwards.

So, post links to anything on the web that fills your time. I'll start.

The World's Hardest Game!
Well, p0rn and UG are what fill most of MY time, and posting a link to either would be stupid.
Digg.com takes up most of my time
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Its lame.
Wow,this is a ****house game,but i love the idea of the thread,post something good.unfortunately i dont know anything to do on the net part from ug and you know what.post something entertaining and time consuming,
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www.you.justgotowned.com and the game is too hard I can't even beat the first level

Obvious link is obvious.
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