Hey guys

well i alredy bought a DOD YJM308 the yngiwe malmsteen signature overdrive!! but i dont know how to plug it in to my amp, i have a peavey studio pro 110 65Watt, and since it doesnt have a line in i dont know how to plug my pedal. i also have a v-amp2 and im having the same problem..... i mean im having 2 preamp with both...can somebody help me??

lol wut?

you plug a cable from your guitar to the pedal, and another from the pedal to the amp. Wow, I wouldn't buy a pedal if i didn't know how to hook it up
hahaha well i was talkin about how to do it to get the best from the pedal, cuz my v-amp2 is also a preamp, and it says that you should plug it in to the 'aux in' so i was kinda confused...so i want to know if that was that important.