Do any of you guys/girls know how to build dirtjumps? i've googled it of course however i was going for personal oppinions from experience,any useful tips,i've got a huge shaded area with fairly non rocky soil and its slightly sloped for speed,i just want to know if any of you guys have done it and how?
get dirt from somewhere you dont plan to ride, then just build and shape a jump out of it. Obviously it's gona have to be a bit solid so make sure you compress it
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What I always used to do (I was 12, it never worked out well) was build a wooden frame first, and then pack a lot of dirt on it.

Don't listen to me, I really don't know how, but that's what I did.
Get a shovel and some dirt.

A dirt jump is not exactly an engineering challenge. It is just going to involve a **** ton of work if you want a decent sized jump.
Call your local equipment rental company. Get you a backhoe and a remote control packer. Build a Nice track. = PROFIT
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u can always get one of those skateboard ramps that cost like $20-50 and pack dirt on it.
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ok..thanks....i'm ready to put in a huge effort and all my friends are coming over to help.for godssake the pit of all people cant come up with something creative,i might try that wooden frame idea.
well since i am starting to build jumps pretty soon on my property. I would recommend you get a shovel, a bucket for water and something heavy. First you want to add a lot of dirt all together and keep adding water then flating it in this form |\ and just repeat the process make sure you have a water supplie because other wise it will not be easy.
It's fairly easy, just incredibly monotonous. Make a small pile of dirt, pack it in tight, then make another pile on top of that. Keep piling, packing, and shaping until you're done.
Water it, and give it a lip, try to make it an even jump.
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so any of you guys acctually done it? well basically we've got this tank and were building dirt up to it at a slight curve and then its all downhil and were having sets of 2 and 3 with a few kickers?? in between,its all mowed and all cleared.
Get a ton of dirt, more than you think you're going to need 'cos trust me, when it's packed down it will be a heck of a lot smaller than you imagined.

So, you pile all of this dirt down, and use a shovel to get it into shape. As you get the shape of the side you'll be jumping you start to water it slowly so it keeps it's shape. The most important part is the lip 'cos if you don't get a good one it won't be a jump so much as a drop. Make sure it's curved up.
wheres the best spot to get ****loads of dirt,like we can dig it and we will,just are there any spots to get good soil for free/cheap? soudns to good to be true ahh well i guess i better get the shovel ready