First post, so hello all and here's hoping this hasn't been covered a million other times beforehand!

I recently purchased an Epi Black Beauty and have been very pleased. My first choice was the wine red Elitist, but they just don't seem to come in that color now (and for some time), and with no release date being known I went with the BB.

(Please understand, I have a wife and kids, some compromises must be made, so I went Epi!)

That being said, I like this guitar very much, it plays great, looks great, and sure seems to sound great. What I was wondering is the following:

Anyone here have one and use it regularly (and what they think of it)?

Anyone have any real concerns that it's some cheap knock off of big brother Gibson?

Like I said, I like mine, and the price sure was right. Your thoughts are coveted!


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get new pick-ups, epiphone have alright pick-ups but there ont that good, kinda muddy

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i have that guitar and i love mine
be careful cuz the gold hardware might fade over time (mine hasn't yet and i've had it for almost a year)
i agree with above post, get new pups
also, if you wanna get more versatility out of it, you could modify the wiring to be able to have more pickup combinations
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New pickups are needed for that. Badly. The stock ones are okay, but are no good with any distortion.
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