Got it from my grandma. I guess it was my uncles from when he was a kid (60s-70s). My mom said they got it from a pretty nice music shop but there's no serial numbers or name anywhere so maybe it's just crappy beginner guitar?
looks like a stingray, but its a del ray

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Do you guys have any idea how to find out what year/model it is? Going on what you said I think it might be an ET-200 but I have no idea what year.
I've got a cheap knockoff electric at my Aunt's place that has that same "Steel Re-inforced" neck sticker on it. I can't remember the brand of it off the top of my head though....

Judging from those pickup switches, I'd guess late 60's to to early 70's
I have a '68 Silvertone with P-90's that have switches like those
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