Since it is the summer I would love to start learning some guitar music theory. I have been playing off and on for a year or two now and I would rather like to start getting serious in learning. I couldn't find any sites that would put this information into a clear chronological order, so I was wondering if it is wise to purchase those books that I see on Amazon.

Any good sites out there?

What books do you recommend?

I play metal btw
http://www.outsideshore.com/primer/primer/index.html <jazzy and advanced
and of course: www.ultimate-guitar.com

Fingerboard Theory For Guitar by Mike Christiansen
Music Theory: Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask by Tom Kolb

the complete idiot's guide to music theory is supposed to be really good as well. I skimmed through it one day at the book store and it looked very nice.
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