It's hard for me to make detailed comments for tunes that consist of only a single instrument - especially for a bass guitar because they usually don't do anything too special .

Anyways, I'm checking out "Darkness Enthroned" and it sounds like a decent bassline for a metal song but without anything else happening it sounds kind of boring and repetitious (this is probably how I will feel about a lot of your stuff because there is only ONE thing happening, so it's hard to talk about it melodically. It is fairly catchy but there are a few parts where it sounds to me as if the rhythm is slightly off.

Next up is "Invisible", and I like the intro and the heavier riff sounds pretty good but once again - it needs more happening. I think this would be a pretty good take of the bassline for a song.

After listening to "Sick of It" and "Illuminating Darkness" I can say the same thigns I have already said. I like the way they sound, but unfortunately what you have at the moment is merely a part of a song and not a full song. If you were to play with other musicians or add in other instruments this would all sound way better.
alright, thanks for the comment =D i'll see if i could do more with it, maybe add a little more excitement to it, maybe see if i could get my friend to tab a guitar part for it
alright, i just got a guitar (electric of course =D) and i think i'm going to add some stuff in