I'm in a rut... I kinda lost some motivation... I know a few solos, about a song and a half and the 1st and 2nd position of the minor pentatonic scale. I feel kinda stuck you know some kind of guitarist's block. What would you do? What would you do to get out of this? Any tips?
Generally when I feel that way I just take a break. Practice what you already know and make sure you have it down solid, and other then that give yourself a rest until you're feeling inspired again. Listen to music that gets you going. Don't try to force it or you'll just end up frustrated.
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Play what you love, love what you play
Find a song that you love and is fun... then learn it... or find someone to jam with

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learn a new technique like sweeping or something. or maybe try learning to play a different style of music to kinda broaden and diversify your ability. try learning some SRV blues licks
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