Hello, I was just wondering how many kraftwerk fans are out there. I am a big one myself, and I'm just looking for more. They are very influential, and I'm surprised by their lack of support. The UG members may not be the best group to poll, but I still want to know. And please don't write about how you hate them, if you do. You don't know what music is.
I like some of their stuff....
Its not really my kind of music but i do respect them a lot for what they did for electronic music...
For one of the most influential musicians ever (The Beatles, James Brown and Kraftwerk) most people won't even know who they are. Which is a real ****in' shame, regardless of whether they like their music or not. Everyone gotta pay respect to their elders, and Kraftwerk are the grandaddies of electronic music
There's a Kraftwerk thread below this.

Kraftwerk are a band I respect for their influence but I can't really get in to. I like their "poppier," more danceable music like The Man-Machine and some of the songs from Trans-Europe Express, but a lot of their music just doesn't do anything for me.
TS has bombarded me with Kraftwerk, but so far the only song I like by them is Music Non Stop. It's pretty amazing what they can do with samples of 5 words.