So i got a 50 dollar gift card from guitar center in the mail the other day and tomorrow i'm going in and i plan on leaving with a new toy haha

anyways i've got two options here: I currently have a gibson LP custom which i'm running through a fender hot rod deluxe and the cleans are great but the OD channel is AWFUL. now i've read that most people just run a drive pedal or fuzz pedal through the clean so i went today to check this out and really liked the hendrix signature fuzz face by dunlop.

also, another problem with the hot rod is that once the master volume gets past 1 3/4 it's already too loud to play for practice in my bedroom so i've been thinking about buying like a little 10/15 watt practice amp but i'm not really sure what i'm getting here for my money, when i was at GC they didn't have **** so i haven't really gotten anywhere on this one but does anyone here have any recommendations in this area? experience with any of these amps would help me out a ton but i don't have that luxury at the moment so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

so i'm either gonna go with the fuzz pedal or buy a little practice amp, what do you think i should do?