I have thought about putting together my own guitar for a while now and I think I'm ready, but this being my first attempt, I am a beginner and would like (need) your input.

I have decided on a bridge Humbucker and neck P-90 combo in a blue mahogany telecaster body.

Thing is, I don't like the look of the '72 tele, so does anybody know of a place where i can get a Mahogany telecaster body routed for two 'bucker sized pickups? (and a corresponding pickguard?)

I know absolutely nothing about finish and the like, but I'm going to have my friend put a design on the back in the wood, so I need to be able to see the wood. (stain?)

I have made a list of all the guitar parts I know I need:

neck w/ fretboard (maple on maple)
vol/tone pots
selector switch
output jack
control plate
jack plate

Thing is, I don't know what to use for the finish and what tools I need. I'd rather not do any routing but I know I need to be prepared for it.

I also have absolutely no idea how much to budget for it. (but it would be nice if it didn't go over 600/700 dollars.)

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you could order a wiring harness from tv jones, and you wouldn't need the volume or tone pots the pickup selector switch, or the wiring the jack.
warmoth. im starting a build too. i've seen hit/miss reviews of that site but they def have a sh*t ton of options and the body I have from them looks really nice. (I'm finishing it myself)