Ok so i'm getting an electric guitar (Squier Bullet) and i need an amp for around 50 bucks.

i know that will get me a small,cheap amp but thats all i need right now and i don't have money to buy myself a starter pack.

oh and one more question do amps normally come with the cord i need to hook it up to my guitar?
are you in the USA? Also a cord never comes with 1 - if you're USA go to Radio Shack for a cheapie. If you're US then PAWN SHOPS dude. Plenty of small cheapies in Pawn Shops all the time.
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ya, they dont really make new amps for less than 100 150. even those a ****. you shoulda saved for a starter pack
50 bucks is a little unrealistic, try the Fender 15G (i think that's what it's called) my buddy got one for $70 at Guitar Center and it sounds pretty decent.
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