Hey guys

I'm curious I hear how the metronome is a great tool to use. There is that free one online. Now i'm new to the guitar , For every beat that you hear is that a strum
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Not necessarilly but it can be.
The way a metronome works is that every tick is a beat.
Music is divided into bars. The time signature (4/4, 6/8 etc) tells you how many beats are in each bar and what kind of note is one beat. ex: in 4/4 there are 4 beats in a bar and a quarter note is equal to one beat. So if all the notes in a bar were quarter notes in 4/4 time, yes one tick of the metronome would be one strum. However if all the notes were, lets say, eighth notes then you would be twice as fast and have two strums per beat.

i would rather not explain everything about timing and so on in a post so its best to get a teacher or freind to teach you it completely but once you have a decent understanding, i found that http://www.emusictheory.com/practice.html">this web site has a lot of activities that are good for practice.