Im a big fan of these guys. Their first 3 albums ''L.A. Guns''(1988), ''Cocked And Loaded''(1989), and ''Hollywood Vampires''(1991) were all successful in that They all went gold. The '88 and '91 releases went to over 700,000 copies each and ''Cocked and Loaded'' sold over a million goin Platinum. For those who dont know the Guns are split into two versions after breakup around 1999/2000 I think. Tracii Guns has his and Phil Lewis/Steve Riley are together with theirs. I saw the Phil Lewis version in Febuary and they kicked ass. Im more partial to them as well with him being the voice. They were also very cool after they played they came out and signed autographs and took pics. It was pretty packed with about 500 people. They also have a kick ass album ''Tales Of The Strip'' in 2005. I would love to see the original gunners reunite though that would be great.
I know man I love these guys "Hollywood Vampires" was an amazing album, Crystal Eyes was the first song I heard off it and I was stunned Tracii Guns guitar playing was kinda subtle in that song but that didn't make it any less awsome.
Dont know much about L.A. Guns, but im seeing Kerri Kelly play with Alice Cooper in October.
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