Hey everyones !

I've been listening alot at some John Mayer recently and I'm questioning myself on something very precise, I own a MIM Stratocaster and a Fender Blues Junior amp and I can't get a «smooth» sound like on John's songs. Ok, I know I have the cheap gear but I'm wondering what makes his sound SO much smoother than mine, and what can I do to try to get a more likely sound ?
well he uses tube amps n sometimes tube/state hybrids. could also be his strings, picks, pickups, pedals etc. but never forget that true tone is in the fingers.
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Have you tried using the neck pickup? That's usually a big part of it.
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You can get pretty close with your current set-up. Dial in a bit more mids on the amp and bring the treble down a hair to get a midrangey smoother sound. Also use the neck pick-up. Lots of it is in your fingers as well, so practice practice practice!
Simple: HIM. He is one hell of a smooth player, smoothnes doesn't come from amp/gat, it's ALL in the fingers.

I'm sure someone will tell you to buy an EQ pedal though, that seems to be the magic cure for everything round here...
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