I own an Acoustic electric Ovation Tangent T-257. I dropped it the other day and it still sounds fine and works plugged up but the front of the guitar is like cracked from the rest just at the bottom. It's hard to describe, but the front wood is connected to the back and it just hit so hard that they're not attached and the guitar isn't bent the way it's supposed to anymore. Any advice? How much do you think it will cost to fix? Is it fixable? Is it worth it? Need any more information about it?

Like, it's only been like this for a day or so, but just imagine if the front wood of an acoustic guitar becomes detached from the sides and back, just on one section of the lining, and I'll take it to a guitar shop as soon as possible.

I'm seriously flipping out, that guitar is my favorite one and I'd be devastated if I lost it.
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Until you can bring it in, releive all the tension of the strings, right now. Detune all strings until they are slack. If you keep it tuned up, the pull of the strings on the top is only going to make the crack worse, or possibly lift the entire soundboard off the body. Then put it in it's case and leave it alone until you can get it to a luthier for repairs.
oh... my your guitar will die soon....

bring it to the luthier as soon as possible...

thats a serious matter....

it might cost 25% - 20% of your guitar's price... for the repair fee
Man. I got it used for 350, and my mom was seriously just like "I'll super glue it back together" and I told her I'd rather have the professionals fix it. The closest and only acoustic guitar store isn't open until tomorrow. I detuned all the strings and the guitar is just sitting now. Think it wil seriously cost like 80 dollars to fix? Because I'd pay that, haha.
Yes, it could cost upwards of $80 to fix. Then again, it might be less, or more. It all depends on how thorough of a job the repair tech does, and how long he takes to do it. Some cracks like yours need to have the whole top removed so that they can repair the kerfing inside first, then reglue the top down. If there's nothing structurally wrong, then he might be able to just reglue and you are good to go. Hope for the second cuz it's definitely the cheaper of the two.
Some of the wood on the inside definitely came out of the soundholes, so it might be a little more, but I don't think it messed up that bad. I'll pay 100 to get it fixed, but I need a new acoustic anyway, so maybe I'll look into selling this one afterwards and getting another.