e: X
B: 4
G: 4
D: 5
A: 2
E: X

I noticed that playing it this way was easiest and most comfortable for me to jump to other B chords, such as bm, bdim, b7 etc. I was just making sure if this is still a baug chord because I looked at a few sites and it didnt have the form above as one of the variations.

I I )

The 5th (4th fret on the D string) was sharped (making it 5th fre D string) so yeah.
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Extra clarification:

Major = 1,3, 5

So, B major would be: B, D#, F#

Augmented: 1, 3, #5

So B Augmented: B, D#, Fx (x means double-sharp) ...which is what ya got there.
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