I'm looking for a new guitar. What's the best I can get for something $700 and below?

I play classic rock, hard rock and some blues.
Standard Tele and buy new pickups for it. Could be as cheap as $500 bucks or as expensive as $600 depending on where your buying it and how the new pickups are getting into the guitar.

Then use the extra money for a badass strap.

EDIT: If I had 700 bucks to spend on a guitar, i would buy a Floyd Rose guitar for $250 and upgrade the hell out of it.

New Pickups, New Neck, New pickguard, new paintjob.
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Meh..I'm not really looking for a strat atm really. Would an epiphone goldtop with alnico P90 coils do me any good?
Get a les paul... and if that's the Goldtop than yes...
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