Alright, let me start by saying I'm not totally sure where this thread really belongs, so sorry if this is the wrong place. But anyway, my band is slowly but surely coming together, so of course gigging is starting to be an issue. i know almost all of the bands here play covers, but my lead guitarist is totally opposed to learning cover. I can get him to agree to playing Smile by Pearl Jam and Cortez the Killer by Neil Young because his part is all improv. We as a band have 11 songs already and we are only going to be playing little gigs like talent shows and maybe at lunch at the school. So my question is, do we have enough songs, or are covers absolutely necessary? I know we can get by with just our songs, but it would be nice for the people to hear something familiar, right? Please help, and thanks in advance
Covers are not completely necessary, so don't feel obligated to cover something that you just aren't feeling. I know a band that hasn't ever played a cover at a show. Eleven songs is more than enough to get by. Just don't worry about covers unless you find something that everyone agrees on.
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well personally as someone watching an underground gig it's cool to play the first few songs being covers. then some band's song and then other covers, that kinda attracts the people.

it is your decision how to do it.
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