hey guys
so, so far ive been using my acoustic pickup to record onto sony acid music directly from the guitar itself to record into like sony acid music, plugging into the line 6 toneport
the strumming however sounds TERRIBLE
i just bought a mic, the mxl 990 and i cant figure out what settings are best to record the acoustic
when i plug in the mic i cant really get it loud enough, and i keep it 6 inches from the bridge pickup

how can i better record?
please help!
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1 - the Toneports are nothing great sound wise and thats basically a Toneport GX with new software and a few more outputs at the back....

2 - the 990 is a condenser and needs 48v phantom power to run. Only the UX2 and UX8 have this added feature and these are not worth spending money on...

Overall you would be better off spending a little more cash to get a nice audio interface such as the Mackie Onyx Satellite firewire. The on board preamps are great and it has phantom power. The firewire connection is a nice feature as well

It's not something to get if you have Vista though.
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