Another night awaken. Another night forsaken. Hell bent on plain deceit.your lies seep through me. Your lost and i have found you. Come sit next to me, don't be scared. Iwon't hurt you I'll only let you be.

Nocturnal for one more night. We're not giving up without a fight. Todays heros turn into tommorows fallen. Nocturnal for one more night. We're not giving up without a fight. Todays heroes turn into tommorows fallen.

Another day wasted. All of them are mistaken. They underestimated me and you. Fight your hardest there's nothing to lose.

Chorus repeats.

A day in the life, no tommorow. Be careful don't mess with me. You come to give me a kiss. I say I know your games don't f@%k with this.

Lead guitar solo!

Rhythm guitar solo!!

Harminized solo!!!

Chorus repeats.
Haha many solos Nice, though, I liked the lyrics... I can see them fitting right in to the right rhythm. You're intro is probably my favorite part, really impacting. I'd like to see other songs you've written.

Nice job

Pretty much all three of the songs you posted do nothing to stand out from any average metal track.

By the way.. you aren't allowed to post two in a day, and you can not post more than 2 every 6 days.
Like-father, like-son rebels bloated on korn, eminems and bizkits. Lord hear our prayer take back your Amy Grant mosh-crews and your fair-weather politics
Why is this in prose? The rhythm acts like it's in verse, so it mind as well be verse. And I agree with JustMimes. This song doesn't create a story, nor make the reader feel anything. There's nothing horrible about the lyrics, they're acceptable in metal songs. But if you want to become a GREAT lyricist, my suggestions would be:

-Create a coherent story
-Avoid metal cliches