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For some reason me and my best friend got on the topic of marriage. Which brought us to the best man, at which point he asks me "I'd be your best man right?"

He's been my best friend for years, but I honestly didn't know what to tell him. He'd definitely be a candidate, but I'd also kind of feel obligated to choose my brother, who's a year older than me.

After some thinking, I decided I'd pick my friend.

Just out of curiosity, what would you all do?
Best friend, cause I don't have any siblings.
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You, TS. =D
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Mah bestest buddy HolyWars90 would be candidate #1, but considering the fact that he'll probably be dead by 22, and I probably won't be married by then, I guess my brother would be next in line.
Why can't you make best men?
I don't really have a best friend and my brother and I aren't really close, so I dunno who I would pick. Anyone here wanna do it?
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My best GUY friend...seeing as how you cant choose a girl.

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My sibling I guess.... I dont think choosing a friend is suitable for a best man
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Best friend.
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I was my brother's best man at his wedding.
I suppose I'll do the same if it happens.
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My best friend is a girl and more than likely the person I'd end up marrying so no best man for me
Rawr! I'm a dinosaur
my friends and i are pot heads sssssssooooooooooooo my older brother gets to be the best man, i don't want my friend jake to pawn the ring to get a big bag of weed
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My brother pretty much IS my best friend.

So he's in the clear.
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Best friend. I don't have a brother.
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I decided on my friend mainly because by the time I'm getting married, my younger brothers will be in their late teens/early twenties. Then I'll have three brothers asking to be my best man... So in fairness, I'll make my friend my best man so that I don't have to effectively pick which brother I like the most.
Best friend. I have no brothers, and I know my friends can throw together a great bachelor party.
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best friend. i bet they know you a hell of a lot more than your siblings to tell you the truth, i know mine does.
My girlfriend would be my best man.

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id be leaning towards my brother probably.

but its hard to say what you should do.

talk to you brother about it, and see how he feels.
King Diamond's gonna be my best man
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You, TS. =D

I want him as my best man

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Friend - Although I am really close to my brosef I just think having a friend do it feels right.
My brother was best man at my wedding.
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Very possibly my brother. He aske dme to be best man at his wedding next year, so I get the fun dropping hints about what will be in the speech, muahahahahahahahahahaha.
i've thought about this before, but never really made any headway on it. i sort of think i would lean towards best friend, mostly because i don't trust my brother to make a speech. yet, leaning towards best friend just brings up more problems because i have more than one friend that i consider my best friend...
I would make my best friend the best man and then make my brother godfather of my first kid
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A homeless guy on the street would be an awesome best man.

I pronounce you Chuck and Larry reference?

Dunno. Best friend, probably.
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This one dream involved me, one random girl, midgets and a pie.

...and midgets ended up f*cking her. I got the pie.

I'd like a homeless guy to be my best man.

Edit: I just noticed this is a Chuck and Larry reference according to the person above me. I never saw that movie, I just think a homeless guy would organize the best bachelor party.
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I don't have a sister, so best friend.
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