So, it's been 47 days since i started playing guitar, i really took to this thing much more than bass (hands are kinda small and not so strong) and i think ive been doing pretty ... moderate i guess for the time ive spent.

So far ive learned:

Chords: I've learned all of em in the beginner sections of justinguitar.com (except for the A shape barre chords, havnt tried em yet) my favorites are E, Am, C, and G why? i dont know, they sound pretty good together in whatever order to me.

Scale ... things: Minor pentatonic key of A but just 3 shapes, and then the major scale that is first taught in the scales section of justinguitar.com ... i'm pretty good with the pentatonic shapes and can play em changing direction or skipping notes .... whatever really, but i dont think i could take all three at the same time and just skip around QQ.

Songs: I'm into a ****-ton of metal with some punk that my friends like (gonna exclude all the electro stuff here) i can play a few easy power chord songs (ex: bad religion - were only gonna die) but so far the song that makes me feel most accomplished is Metallica - Seek and Destroy (no solo xD) why? well, it took me like 2 weeks to get the solo riff up to speed so i've played it so damn much that its like second nature now, pretty bad ass really. I guess smells like teen spirit is something of note (i can play the solo on that one, even i think it's easy as hell)

Technique Practice: I tend to do a few chromatic scales every day just to warm up, and then a GP5 file called "speed trainer" that i got somewhere on this site a while ago, it dosnt have a part that goes back down the fret board but i do it anyway cause i think i should, i also know a exercise called "the spider" that i ... dont really like to do cause it sounds bad, but its helped with hitting the right strings all the time. I've got a pretty good hold on palm muting, alt picking, some simple tapping (that stuff sounds really good) bending, tremolo picking (as long as it stays on the same string) and a bit of finger picking (hey there delilah helped with that)

Fretboard knowledge: ive read 2 of the "crusade" things in the columns section here, those helped understanding semitone and tone skips so now i can name every note on the fret board (only 22 fret guitar though, dosnt have 2 octaves QQ) but other than the E strings i cant find them wherever i'd need to know em fast enough for me to use it during practice so you could say i'm not nearly as good at it as i need to be ^^.

Equipment: ( I dont know why i held this part back till now) I think i'm pretty much set for a long time with what ive got.

Fender Strat (hardtail)

and a

Fender 65 DSP (it's hella loud so i have the volume on like ... 2.1 all the damn time or it bothers everyone in the house XD) pretty good clean channel and the distortion is pretty good too, not able to reach crazy wtflol deathcore crap distortion, but good for hard rock levels, great effects aswell.

and you know, picks, strap, cables, stand, tuner, foot switch for channels/effects

There's a few songs that ive wanted to play that i only get a good sound with an acoustic guitar, but the only one i have access to is a 12 string fender thats crazy huge compared to the strat so i tend to avoid it.

Anyone heard of a band called Daath? xD, well, the two guitar players from that band (Eyal Levi, Emil Werstler) well, i tend to use them as a goal and watch this video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP4Rn7C3A9Y) for the times where i dont really wanna work at this stuff anymore, i think thats a good way to go about inspiration for a while, may limit my skills in the end though.

So, there it is, thats what ive done so far. I'm also hoping to get off my ass and get a job so i can get some stuff for recording the stuff i play so theres a little record that i can criticize a whole bunch, but right now i either do this, play video games, or go out skating/movies with friends for a few days usually (thats the practice exception)

So what do you guys think? xD for almost wall of text
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I actually read most of it, and good job, a month and a half and you can play power chords, awesome, i couldn't play power chords for 3 months in, so awesome. I'm working on Sweep Picking and advanced techniques and this site really helps even further down the road, so good job and good luck!


Yes, poop.
You've only been playing about a month and a half, right?

I wouldn't focus too much on speed right now. If you try to play songs that are too fast for you right now, you'll develop sloppy habits. Trust me, I know.

Right now, I'd just focus on being able to play easier songs accurately. Good progress though, keep it up.

Remember, if you're going to learn scales, never just practice them up and down over and over, try to mix it up. Skip notes, repeat strings, find the same scale an octave up, etc.
Yeh, just that long

I used the play looped/ speed trainer that GP5 has to get seek and destroy down, was pretty simple really, slowed the riff down till i could play it perfectly practice that and when i feel like i might be able to go faster move up like ... 2%. Just did that till i could get full speed down perfectly.

For the scales thing, yeh i try to do that just to make it sound not so much of a order of notes that just naturally sound good together, but i work at scales a pretty slow speeds so i get to remember them well

Anyways, thanks guys
"Rome wasn't built in a week"

"Yeah but when they built rome, they didnt go "hey look, there's a functional building" AND ****ING KICK IT OVER AND PISS ON THE ASHES BECAUSE THE PEASANTS WERE CRYING THAT IT WAS TOO GLORIOUS AND AWESOME."
Wow, that's really good right there, I've been practicing guitar seriously for that long, and I still can't memorize the name of chords
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meh, I've been playing for 1.5 months and I can do similar stuff. Only this is my first stringed instrument. My kool riffs to note are Black Magic Woman, Stray Cat Strut, lots and lots of Coheed and Cambria songs (Time Consumer, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3, The Crowing, etc), La Grange interlude and verse, Are you Gonna be my Girl, and a few others.
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