Reaper in the moonlight is an iron maiden sounding song that i wrote in about 10 min. i know it is not that great but still i look foward to the best. C4C

A darkened night, no day, worked all by hand. No father and no pay, it's a job for a man. working deepin the night evil forces takes command. out of the darkness he comes out on to your land. confrontation, you are scared, for you there is no more sand.

I'll offer you a chance say no and it'll be your last. Possibility kicks in what a decision to make.

don't try and fight back. you will never last. i am your only hopefollow me and i'll let you grow. (vocal melody). Reaper in the Moonlight!

you now see his face. it's the devil's glance. through hell and the pain, he gets his name, grim. i'll teach you all i know you'll join my clan.

the sands of the hourglass are missing, my life is now gone. tranformed into a cruel beast powers never felt before.

Chorus repeats.

Oh i miss my family. alife now darkened. so many souls we stole. the odds are in our favor. the pride i had is now lost and forever gone.

Freaking amazing 2 min shred solo!!!!!!!!!

Chorus repeats.
The whole rhyming theme throughout the first stanza is very nice, it flows great. It starts the song off on the right foot I find this to be a very captivating song, I would love to hear the melody... Something about "Reaper in the Moonlight" I really enjoy. Amazing metal lyrics.

Nice work
The crit I used on the other lyrics you posted still stand for this one. You really should try and not make your writing so stereotypically metal.
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